Powerhouse by Synertec

Forward-looking companies on the path to Net Zero need proven immediate solutions for reliable and renewable electrification energy. Powerhouse is the only global electrification technology that uses smart Predictive Intelligence to create, control and deliver zero-emission industrial-scale renewable energy.

Powerhouse offers a cost-effective, mobile, 100% continuous electrical energy system that can be easily deployed via a stable microgrid to deliver base load distributed power for a viable, powerful and immediate transition to a low carbon future. It is also modularised and easily scalable – up or down in size – to suit a wide variety of applications and situations.

Powerhouse Predictive Intelligence (PI) leverages real-time big data insights to optimise the supply and demand of clean energy with certainty, reliability and security – no fossil fuel backup is required.

Flexible remote and off grid applications mean Powerhouse has:

  • compatibility with multiple renewable energy sources
  • many use cases across community batteries, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, agriculture, defense, data centers, etc.
  • Importantly, it optimises the output of all battery and solar componetry, enabling a very small system footprint.

Powerhouse offers indispensable advantages for zero-emission, remote, industrial scale, reliable, renewable energy.


100% renewable electrification

No fossil fuel backup, displaces need for any diesel, gas or other backup redundancies


No “Green Premium”, reduces costs by 20%

Remote control, monitoring, and maintenance reduces resource requirements


Allows for rapid mobilisation and demobilisation

Easy to expand for growing demands


Real-time predictive modelling delivers a reliable, constant source of power to
manage industrial loads

Smart operational control system works autonomously


Reliable, robust and redundant for 50kW – 10MW distributed or geographically
distant needs

Continuous source of power (99.95% availability)


Customized modular design

Modular design can accommodate a wide range of voltage and power